VIDEO: Ousted Governor Rod Blagojevich to Latinos: "Sí, Se Puede!"

Disgraced Chicago ex-governor Rod Blagojevich brought a tear to the eyes of Latinos across the nation yesterday, when he took a moment in front of the cameras to address us directly with these parting words: "Sí, se puede!"




Blagojevich, who was officially ousted by the Illinois State Senate on Thursday afternoon following federal corruption charges, was greeted by reporters, well-wishers and hecklers alike when he arrived at his home later that night. Brushing questions aside, the former governor unexpectedly decided to test out his Spanish speaking skills on the crowd:

"Let me say one more the people in the Latino community. Gracias por su apoyo. Juntos haremos nuestro estado mucho mejor para todos. Sí, se puede!" ("Thank you for your support. Together we will make this state much better for everyone. Yes, we can!")

Um, thanks?

Perhaps Blago was just reaching out to one of his few remaining supportive constituencies? The Chicago Tribune suggested this week that African Americans and Latinos are still warm on the former governor, who during his tenure pushed through measures (such as free public transit for senior citizens) that helped minority communities in Chicago. Proof that free bus rides will trump an insider payola scandal 100% of the time.