VIDEO: Obama Speechwriter's New Girlfriend Is a Lingerie-Modeling, Mariachi-Singing Latina

Ladies, it looks like we'll have to find a new gringo nerd to crush on. President Barack Obama's lead speechwriter, Jon Favreau, who is 27 years old and pushes our buttons in a Junot Diaz kind of way, is officially off the market. According to Gawker, Favreau has landed himself a Latina girlfriend named Ali Campoverdi, and she is not only pretty but also a Harvard Kennedy School of Government graduate, therefore making her extremely difficult to hate.



But alas, Campoverdi does have her weaknesses. Though currently a White House aide, she's got a storied past as a Z-list actress, having tried out for reality shows and played bit parts in movies like The Aviator and Constantine. We know this thanks to a 2004 interview Campoverdi did with Maxim, in which she was photographed modeling skimpy lingerie and telling the magazine that she wants to date a guy who is "passionate about something. I don't care if it's your job or your hobby or your shoes." (Or lace panties?)

So maybe Campoverdi's story is just that she's a reformed lame girl who traded in Hollywood for Capitol Hill. But for this, too, we found evidence to the contrary: here's a video clip of Miss Alejandra Campoverdi back in her Harvard days, singing in Spanish with a mariachi band at a school function and generally being a sweetheart. Kind of makes you want to get in touch with her roots, doesn't it?