Video: Mexican Police Arrest Carlos Beltran Leyva

Carlos Beltrán Leyva was arrested by Mexican police forces last week, effectively dismantling the reining family of one of the most notorious drug trafficking cartels in the history of the country. Carlos was the younger brother of Arturo Beltrán Leyva, the so-called "Boss of Bosses" of the violent Beltran Leyva cartel, who was gunned down about three weeks ago by an elite navy force.

Although Carlos Beltran Leyva is not deemed to be a prominent member in the drug dealing business, his capture has no doubt left a vaccum of power that will lead to more bloodshed. After Arturo's death, in a standoff that left four of his bodyguards dead as well, the Beltran Leyva gang retaliated by murdering the mother, brother, sister and aunt of a Navy officer who died during Arturo's capture. Authorities do not seem to know much about Carlos's involvement in the cartel, but due to his lack of bodyguards, it seems he may not be as important of a catch. Mexican Intelligence never even mentioned Carlos in their assessment of the Beltran Leyva cartel. Although Héctor Beltrán Leyva was the brother mentioned as the most likely successor, he will likely face a challenge from Sergio Villareal, 40, known as El Grande and King Kong and Édgar Valdéz, 37, an enforcer born in the states and known as "La Barbie" because of his blonde hair and blue eyes.