Venezuelan Boxer Admits to Murdering Wife, Commits Suicide in Jail

Edwin Valero, the Venezuelan World championship boxer who was coined the next Manny Pacquiao, was found dead of apparent suicide this weekend after admitting to murdering his wife. Valero was taken into police custody on Saturday after the body of his 24-year-old wife, Jennifer Viera, was found violently stabbed to death in a hotel in the city of Valencia in Venezuela.

Valero, 28, held the world boxing championship in two weight classes and had a history of violence. In the fall of 2009, a man claimed that Valero attacked his mother and sister over a personal feud they had, but the boxer denied the charges and was released. About a month ago, police grew suspicious of domestic violence after Viera was taken to hospital suffering from a collapsed lung and severe bruises. Valero was able to duck charges due to his wife's refusal to admit any wrong doing; she claimed to have fallen down the stairs and police were forced to drop the case although she had been in the hospital twice before with similar injuries. Her husband’s erratic behavior at the hospital was such that he was ordered to a psychiatric clinic for an evaluation.

Valero body was found at 1:30AM, having hung himself using his own clothing in his jail cell. Nicknamed "The Inca" by his fans, Valero was a celebrity in Venezuela and had an image of President Hugo Chavez and the country's flag, tattooed on his chest.