Venezuela Bans "Family Guy"

Is it just us, or is Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez getting a little excessive with the amount of stuff being banned in the country? Some of the things Chavez has banned in his country we'd actually love to see off limits here too—like golf (yawn) and video games (may increase hubby's productivity a hundred fold)—but most are arbitrary reflections of the increasingly militant leaders whim.

The latest on Hugo's hit list? Seth McFarlane's hit animated series Family Guy.  Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami has declared that the program be pulled from the airwaves due to a recent episode in which Brian (the talking dog) starts a campaign to legalize marijuana. El Aissami said that cable networks that air Family Guy would be fined by telecommunications regulator if they refuse to cease their broadcast of the show.

This latest move is the most recent assertion of government control over cable and telecommunications in the South American country. The government of President Hugo Chavez is looking to impose additional new regulations on cable television in the future, including a requirement that all cable providers carry Chavez's quite frequent speeches.