Uruguay Becomes First Country to Offer Laptops for Every Grade School Student

Nicholas Negroponte's dream was to make laptop computers accesible for even the poorest communities when he launched One Laptop Per Child back in 2006, and it looks like his dream is finally starting to come true. At least in Uruguay!

Back in 2007, a group of children in Uruguay each received the first round of XO laptops. The XO is about the size of a small textbook and boasts built-in wireless and a special screen that remains readable even under direct sunlight for children who go to school outdoors. It’s an extremely rugged and energy-efficient machine, but the best part is that it was conceived and designed by Negroponte as the world's first $100 laptop.

This past week, the final group of school children in Uruguay received their very own XO laptops, meaning that all 362,000 children in grade school in the country now has their very own laptop. The entire project cost only about five percent of the country's total education budget.
"This is not simply the handing out of laptops or an education program. It is a program which seeks to reduce the gap between the digital world and the world of knowledge," explained Miguel Brechner, director of the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay.