Two Women Wanted by Spanish Police for ETA Bombing

Spanish police have distributed wanted posters of six suspects thought to be part of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, commonly known as ETA, the Basque separatist group responsible for planting multiple bombs in the capital city of Majorca this past weekend.

Two of the suspects are women, Itziar Moreno and Iratxe Yáñez. The bombs were left in the women’s lavatories of two restaurants and a shopping centre in Majorca, and Moreno and Yáñez played crucial roles in carrying out the attacks.

This isn’t the first act of violence ETA is responsible for this year. They are also to blame for a similar bombing that killed two civil guard officers late last month. There is evidence suggesting that Moreno may have been involved in this incident as well.

While it seems like ETA is waging war this summer targeting the tourist industry, the Spanish government said the bombings have made little impact. Thousands of tourists, including an estimated 30,000 Britons, pack the island at this time of year. Joan Mesquida, the Secretary of State for Tourism, said, “It’s early to draw conclusions but based on the information we have gathered ... the terrorist attacks have not changed the holiday plans of tourists. Eta has been looking to hit tourism in Spain for 30 years and tourism always emerges stronger from it."