Trapped Chilean Miner Proposes to Girlfriend

Chilean miner Esteban Rojas—who has been trapped underground since the mine he was working in collapsed on August 5th—may have just won himself the honor of delivering the most dramatic proposal ever.

As family members of the trapped miners gathered around to see their loved ones on video and speak to them for the first time since the accident, Rojas, 44, took the opportunity to send a note to his sweetheart Jessica Ganiez, 43 that read: "When I get out, let’s buy the dress and we’ll get married."

The couple had already been together for 25 years, raised three children together and are grandparents two times over! But they never officially married in church, which as we all know, is a big deal. The romance was not lost on Ganiez, who gave an enthusiastic "Yes!" to Rojas. Apparently, near-death experiences really put things into perspective!