Three-Year-Old Reunited with Mom After Kidnapping and Abduction Across Border

Toddler Briant Rodriguez was finally reunited with his mother, Maria Rosalina Millan, over the weekend, more than two weeks after his abduction on May 3rd. Police named Liberto Vega and Israel Moreno as the suspects responsible for abducting Briant,3, from his San Bernardino home. The two men are accused of kidnapping the child at gun point after tying up his mother and four other children. Vega's girlfriend, Claudia Acosta-Serrano, is also considered a person of interest in relation to the abduction.

Lt. Rick Ells of the San Bernardino County Sherriff’s department said that a municipal police officer noticed the boy roaming the streets of Mexicali by himself last Thursday evening. Thinking that Briant was a neighborhood child, the officer took the little boy door to door in an attempt to find his family before taking him to child protective custody.

Mexican authorities notified US authorities on Friday afternoon after realizing who the child was. The kidnappers had shaved Briant’s head in an attempt to hide his identity after pictures of him with long curly hair had been circulated by the police and the media.

Millan, accompanied by FBI agents, flew down to Calexico late Friday to identify her son. An FBI agent managed Briant’s immigration paperwork and then escorted Briant back across the border to his mother. The reunion had to wait until Saturday due to the amount of paperwork involved in the international incident.