Texas Mom Won't Let Her Kid Learn Spanish

It's no secret that bilingual ed is a heated issue in states like Texas and California, but one parent is taking her position to new extremes. Guanabee.com tracked down the story of Leigh Allison from Grapevine, Texas, whose daughter Ashleigh refused to take her school's mandatory 5th grade Spanish class because "she wants to be the one that forces them to learn English." Gee, what a noble cause. In a bid for the Worst Mom Ever award, Allison wrote this to her Timberline Elementary School's principal on her daughter's behalf: "Ashleigh feels the course would be a waste of her time since she has no aspirations in the future to have a career requiring bilingual talents, nor does she feel compelled to accommodate those who live in our country who refuse to learn the primary and current native tongue of English."

So this year, while the rest of Timberline's 5th graders broadened their cultural world view and got a second language under their belts, little Ashleigh "tried to teach herself some common French phrases" and guaranteed that she'll increasingly feel like an outsider in a town heavily populated with Latinos...who by the way, are taking the rest of their classes in English. Way to stick it to the system, mom!