Is the "Tequila Party" the Future of Latino Politics?

A group of disaffected Latino voters who say neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties have done enough to represent and support our communities are talking about forming an independent party.

The "Tequila Party" is still just an idea says Fernando Romero, president of Nevada's Hispanics in Politics. "I don't know if it's going to happen, but there's talk," he told the Las Vegas Sun. "There's discussion about empowerment of the Latino vote."

The main motivation for the idea comes from the Democrats lack of initiative when it comes to immigration reform. Many point to the Tea Party as a source of inspiration, particularly when it comes to the grassroots tactics they have employed to grow their base.

Latino voters were instrumental in electing President Barack Obama and helping Sen. Harry Reid hold on to his seat in Nevada, but many feel as though their efforts have been ignored. If immigration reform gets pushed back again next year, the creation of an independent Latino party may come sooner rather than later. "It would definitely induce us," Romero said. "We would have to do something at that point to get ready for 2012."