Tennessee Lawmaker Compares Immigrants to Rats

Tennesee lawmaker Curry Todd is in hot water with Latinos after comparing pregnant, undocumented immigrants to rats.

It all came about when Todd was speaking with fellow local legislators about the healthcare system and how to verify citizenship for pregnant women.

“According to the federal government, we cannot ask for immigration documents or verify that information because we are providing coverage to the unborn,” stated a member of the Fiscal Review Committee. Unfortunately, that was not the answer Mr. Todd wanted to hear and in his response he referred to pregnant immigrant mothers and their children as "multiplying rats."

When contacted by local Fox News affiliate, Todd refused to apologize, saying instead: “Maybe my words were a little harsh on that. I probably should have used anchor babies which are what they are called in Arizona and Texas.”

Obviously ignorant of the fact that the term "anchor babies" is also completely offensive, he went on to explain, “I don't want to see any child not have care, but I feel they are abusing our system here because they know they can get these kids services, and the taxpayers in Tennessee are the ones having to pay for this, its not them.” Ironically enough, Tennessee citizens do not pay income tax. Locals only pay tax on goods and services they purchase, meaning that anyone who buys anything in the state—including undocumented immigrants—are paying the taxes to which he is referring.

The local community has responded by demanding an apology, but Todd refuses, saying “I'm sorry if other people got offended but I’m not going to be hooked up in political correctness." Now, some in his state are calling for his removal from government.