Tennessee Gov. Condemns Lawmaker Who Compared Immigrants to Rats

Though local Tennessee lawmaker Rep. Curry Todd refuses to apologize for a statement he made last week comparing pregnant undocumented immigrants with rats, the Democratic governor of the southern state has spoken out against the hateful talk.

When reporters asked Todd if he would apologize for the derogatory statement, he brushed off the criticism, saying he should have referred to the children as "anchor babies" as they do in Arizona and Texas—apparently unaware that the term is also very offensive. Todd told WHBQ-TV in Memphis that he doesn't plan to apologize."I'm not apologizing to anyone who may have been offended," he said. "I used the wrong terminology."

But Curry's boss, Gov. Phil Bredesen recently spoke out against his legislator's use of words, saying he felt it was a poor choice to compare illegal immigrants to rats multiplying. "That's certainly a very poor choice of words, and I would never refer to any human being in that way," Bredesen said.