Spanish Poet Frederico Garcia Lorca's Remains to be Exhumed

The world may finally find out where legendary Spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca's remains were buried. Government officials in Southern Spain have cleared the way legally for remains buried at a mass grave site in a village near Granada to be exhumed. Andalusia regional government justice councilor Begona Alvarez said that the confidential exhumation would begin next Monday. 

It is believed that Lorca was buried at the mass grave site which is now a park in the village of Alfacar. Lorca and many others fell victim to the right-wing regime of Francisco Franco, who came into power during Spain's Civil War and ruled the country with an iron fist until 1975. According to historians, Lorca was captured by Franco loyalists in 1936 and shot dead near the park.

The Spanish parliament, led by the newly elected Socialist government, recently passed a law formally condemning Franco's dictatorship. Ian Gibson, an Irish author and leading Lorca scholar, told CNN, "Lorca is the most famous victim of the Civil War. I think Lorca can be a symbol for reconciliation of the Civil War."