Spaniards Fight for Animal Rights in the Nude

Leave it to the Spaniards to speak out in style. The Huffington Post got word of AnimaNaturalis, a protest movement in Spain in which semi-nude women and men strip down to their bare essentials to fight for animal rights. Their main beef (ha) appears to be with uber-violent bullfights and circuses, and the organization's women are sporting body paint in the form of animal prints and sitting in cages with signs that read, "Los Animals Quieren Ser Libres" ("The Animals Want to Be Free") and "No Mas Circos Con Animales" ("No More Circuses with Animals"). The latter sounds like a dull show to us, but circuses are kind of lame no matter how you slice them.

This is the same stunt PETA used back in 2005 to free zoo animals in Spain, but apparently the strategy is not getting a rise out of many people this time around. The passerby in these photos seem to be doing just that--passing right on by. Looks like the topless tiger ladies aren't doing much for the cause. Perhaps they need a new angle...maybe an animal-themed drag performance?