Singer Jenni Rivera to Perform in AZ to Protest SB 1070

Tomorrow, protestors will take to the streets of Arizona in opposition to SB 1070, the recent law passed by state governor Jan Brewer that will allow law enforcement officials to question the documentation status of anyone they deem "reasonably suspicious." Among those protestors will be award-winning singer Jenni Rivera, who will perform a concert at the end of Saturday’s march to the State Capitol.

As the daughter of immigrants, Rivera takes her role as a Mexican American artist seriously, and says, according to  recent release, that she "shares the outrage of the tens of thousands of people who will march prior to the concert and who have been targeted by this hateful law that views any Mexican American or anyone with brown skin as "reasonably suspicious."

"There’s no one better than Jenni Rivera to stand up with the people of Arizona," said Pablo Alvarado, Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. "Her performance with us isn’t just entertainment; it affirms our dignity and the best of who we are as a people."

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