Senate Judiciary Committee Sends Sotomayor Nomination to Full Vote

The Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to pass Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court on to a full vote in the Senate. The committee voted 13-6 to confirm, split almost directly along party lines with all Democrats voting to confirm Sotomayor and only one Republican, Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, voting in her favor. “I feel good about Judge Sotomayor,” Graham stated. He said he felt that Sotomayor would decide cases “based on what she thinks is right” and also serve as an
inspiration for other young women who dream of careers in the legal field. Graham also touched upon the deep partisan divide that have become a mark of judicial nominations in recent years as a reason for his vote.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont and the head of the committee, said, “She is a restrained, fair and impartial judge." In an effort to directly address what the Republicans claimed was their largest worry about Sotomayor's appointment, Leahy stated, "In her 17 years on the bench, there is not one example, let alone a
pattern, of her ruling based on bias or prejudice or sympathy."

The vote is likely to go before the full Senate early next week, and if confirmed, Sotomayor will become the nation's first Latina (and only third female) Supreme Court Justice.