Second Investigator Is Murdered in Unsolved Mexican Journalist Case

The New York Times reported today that gunmen in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, killed the aide of a federal agent investigating the death of a crime reporter, just a month after the first agent assigned to the case was shot dead.

A spokesman for the Mexican attorney general’s office said that the bullet-riddled body of Pablo Pasillas, 33, was found in the northern border city on August 26. Pasillas was secretary to the agent investigating the Nov. 13 killing of Armando Rodriguez, a veteran crime reporter for the newspaper El Diario, last November. The first agent assigned to the case was shot dead last month at his home in Ciudad Juarez.

With open war flaring up between the Mexican government and the drug cartels, Mexico has become the most dangerous country in the Americas for journalists, according to international media advocacy groups. The National Human Rights Commission said last month that 52 journalists or media workers had been killed in Mexico in the past decade, the Times reported, but only 17 cases of violence against journalists are on trial.