RNC Chair Candidate Chip Saltsman Records "The Star Spanglish Banner"

Chip Saltsman is currently a candidate in the running to become the next chairman of the Republican National Committee. We were already pretty miffed at him for recording that "Barack the Magic Negro" song and distributing it on a CD to all of his cohorts for Christmas. But wait! It gets worse. Apparently on the very same CD of offensive tunes, he also recorded a little diddy called "The Star Spanglish Banner" in which he derides Latino immigrants.

Hmm, being that Latinos are the fastest growing minority group in the country, and that we ovewhlemingly voted for President Obama, you'd think Mr. Saltsman might want to be wooing us instead of making fun of us. But no, apparently the RNC thinks that having 2 African American candidates in the running for chairman is enough to keep all the minorities in the land satisfied. Take a listen for yourself to "The Star Spanglish Banner":