Republicans Make Accusations of Voter Fraud Among Undocumented Immigrants

Even though Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett already confirmed that there was no proof of widespread or systematic voter fraud, many local pro-enforcement groups like Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and Ban Amnesty Now are insisting that the threat exists.

“Democrats are trying to limit their losses on Election Day by cheating and encouraging illegal aliens to vote in the 2010 elections, which by the way is a felony!” ALIPAC President William Gheen wrote on the groups website.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been distancing himself from BAN—even though he was co-chairman of the group—after they sent out an email asking locals to round up volunteers to watch the polls and keep illegal immigrants from voting.

All the paranoia is mainly for naught. Arizona, like most states, requires voters to provide a government issued ID, which undocumented immigrants cannot obtain in the southwestern state. Pro-immigrant groups are worried that volunteers organized by groups like ALIPAC and BAN will keep legal immigrants and Latinos from voting through intimidation. In Texas, the King Street Patriots (another anti-immigration group) have been accused of hovering over voters, particularly minorities.

Expect this story to gain traction in the next few days, especially if the Republicans fail to gain as many votes as they are expecting and the Latino vote makes a huge difference.