Rep. Loretta Sanchez's Wacky Holiday Card

It’s that time of year again! Those in the know anxiously await Representative Loretta Sanchez’s goofy holiday cards each season, which feature her and her cat Gretzky in different funny scenarios (on a beach, by a fireplace, sleeping in a sofa) every year. Seriously. We're not even joking about this one. What makes this whole endeavor even crazier is the fact that she spent a reported 130 thousand (thousand, not hundred) dollars on the holiday card! We thought the government was trying to cut back on wasteful spending?

We’re glad that the democratic Congresswoman from California (who with her sister Linda comprise the historic first pair of sisters to serve in Congress) has a sense of humor about her holidays and those annoying politico cards we get each year. But next time, perhaps she could trim a little fat off the budget. Maybe it's just cause we're more dog people around here?

And while we could expound on this till we turn blue in the face, a picture is worth a thousand words, so check it out! And happy holidays to you, too, Congresswoman Sanchez!