Rejected Hawaiian Tropic Worker Melody Morales May Have Future as a Showgirl

As reported yesterday, Melody Morales dreamed of becoming a "table concierge" at Hawaiian Tropic Zone but was refused employment by managers of the popular midtown Manhattan bikini bar who told her she was "too ghetto" and that she had a "Latin accent." Morales responded by suing the restaurant for discrimination and her story subsequently made international headlines.

Though Morales may not have a future at the Zone, offers have been flooding in from various other establishments since her story hit the press. "She would make a good showgirl," Lonnie Hanover, from Rick's Cabaret, a midtown topless club told the NY Daily News. "She looks great in a bikini, and showgirls make even more money than bartenders."

"Accents can be very sexy," added Hanover, "Especially when the girl is whispering in your ear while removing her gown."

Paul Eisenhardt, who owns Bring Your Own Bartender, a Staten Island bartending and party-planning company, also said he would gladly hire Morales for bachelor parties or beach cookouts. "If she wants to wear a bikini and if she gets treated with respect by my customers, then I have no problem with it."

Just goes to show, if you refuse to give up on your dreams, you never know what could happen!