Racist Texan Incites Outrage Over "Hispanics Keep Out" Sign

A "Hispanics Keep Out" sign has proudly been displayed on the front of a home in Azle, Texas, for the last several months. It has caused tension in the neighborhood, with many residents expressing a desire to see it taken down. The mayor of Azle also spoke out against the sign, assuring residents that it is not a view shared by most in the town. But police say the sign does not violate any laws and is protected by the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech.

What do the homeowners have to say? "Well, you know, I don't care," said the 72-year-old woman who answered the door at the home when reporters visited to inquire about the sign. "I'm upset about them coming over here illegally too." When asked if it would be better to post a sign that simply said "Keep Out," the homeowner replied, "I don't want to keep out everybody, okay?" The woman refused to disclose her name, because she is obviously so convicted in her beliefs that she doesn't care who knows about it, right? We would want to stay anonymous too if we were too dense to see the difference between "Hispanic" and "Illegal Immigrant."

She went on to say, "We think this is our privilege as an American to protect our property. This is our property." Heads up, lady, that sign is more likely to anger rather than deter the very folks you’re trying to keep away—and that might not be the smartest idea, being that Texas's population is 20 percent "Hispanic."