President Obama Visits "Piolin por la Mañana"

President Barack Obama is continuing his bid to win the hearts and minds of Latino voters ahead of the 2010 midterm elections on November 2nd. As reported by Fox News Latino, Obama talked with legendary radio host Eddie Piolín Sotelo this week for his nationally broadcast morning show Piolín por la Mañana. It is the second time Obama has spoken with Piolín, he first met the radio star back in February of 2009. The latest interview will air on Monday, October 25th at 12PM EST/9AM PST  (see listings below).

"I am thrilled to interview President Barack Obama once again—and in our home on Piolín por la Mañana," Sotelo said in a statement. "This historic interview, in-studio, will give the President a direct line of communication to our listeners to address issues important to the Hispanic community."

The interview is airing on several stations across the U.S., including:

• KSCA’s La Nueva 101.9 FM, Los Angeles, CA;
• KSOL 98.9 & 99.1 FM, San Francisco, CA;
• KHOT’s La Nueva 105.9 FM  , Phoenix, AZ;
• KLNO’s Que Buena 94.1 FM, Dallas, TX;
• KISF’s La Nueva 103.5 FM, Las Vegas, NV;
• KLTN’s Estereo Latino 102.9FM, Houston, TX;
• WOJO’s La Que Buena 105.1 FM, Chicago, IL;
• WQBU’s La Que Buena 92.7 FM, New York, NY;
• KBNA 97.5 FM Que Buena, El Paso, TX;
• KLNV’s La Nueva 106.5 FM, San Diego, CA;
• KROM’s Estereo Latino 92.9, San Antonio, TX; and
• KLQB’s La Que Buena 104.3 FM, Austin, TX.

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