Pregnant Transsexual Man Rubén Noé Coronado Suffers Miscarriage

25-year-old Spaniard transsexual Rubén Noé Coronado made headlines a few months ago when he revealed that he was pregnant with twins shortly after Thomas Beatie (aka the "Pregnant Man") gave birth to his first child last June.

Unfortunately, Spanish newspaper El Mundo is reporting that Coronado suffered a miscarriage in his 17th week of pregnancy and lost the babies. He and his partner had already picked out the names Rubén Noé and Luis María for the little ones. Coronado told the paper, "I began to have some pains this week. There were a few days where I realized that my stomach had seemed to shrink and that seemed strange to me. I went to the doctor and they had to scrape my uterus."

Doctor's say that the miscarriage could have occurred for a variety of reasons, including stress and the hormones Coronado had been taking before learning he was pregnant. "The testosterone I was taking the last few years could have made my uterus age prematurely," Coronado said.

Rubén Noé was born a girl and conserved his original sex organs while undergoing his sex change over the last few years, therefore preserving his ability to reproduce. Coronado says that although he is very sad and devastated by the loss, he won't give up on having a family one day and eventually will try to get pregnant again.