Popular Miami Based Priest, Father Cutie Caught in Sexy Scandal

Popular Miami Priest Alberto Cutié was caught in a compromising position when racy photos of the Father cavorting with a lady love on the beach were printed in TV Notas yesterday.

Father Cutié had a popular radio show in which he dispensed love and relationship advice but since the scandal hit, his show has been temporarily suspended and he's lost his position as pastor for a South Beach area church. Father Cutié has since apologized for his actions.

We're not really sure what to make of this sensational story. Father Cutié is a hot priest, which is totally confusing on its own, plus we personally think that the catholic church is nutso for requiring their priests to take a vow of celibacy in the first place. But that's just us. Tell us: Are you outraged at the news about Father Cutié?

Check out the CNN Report below: