Police Detain Arturo Gatti's Brazilian Wife in Mysterious Death of Boxing Legend

Thirty-seven-year-old Canadian boxing legend Arturo "Thunder" Gatti was found strangled to death over the weekend while vacationing at a luxurious Brazilian beach resort. The police have charged his wife, Amanda Carine Barbosa Rodrigues, with his murder, alleging that she used her purse strap to asphyxiate her husband.

Gatti and the 23-year-old former exotic dancer met in Brazil at a club where she was dancing, and were staying at Porto de Galinhas’s posh Dorisol Resort with their 1-year-old son celebrating a second honeymoon. But on Friday night, witnesses say they saw Gatti and Rodrigues arguing at a bar all night.

Gatti’s body was found with blood stains on the back of his head and neck; local police immediately suspected foul play. They then interrogated his wife, who they say provided "inconsistent and incoherent" accounts of events of the night before. When blood was found on Rodrigues’s purse, police took her into custody and charged her with Gatti's murder. But Rodrigues denies any involvement in her husband's death, and police spokeswoman Milena Saraiva said nothing is being ruled out in the investigation, including the possibility that another person may have been involved.

Gatti’s close friends were saddened to hear of the tragedy but did not seem surprised that the couple’s tumultuous relationship had met a violent end. Carl Moretti, a promoter of many of Gatti's fights, told the New York Daily News, "Among friends who knew him, no one felt that this was a good relationship. The relationship was not based on love. It could get violent at times.”