Organization of American States Gives Honduras 3 Days to Return Zelaya to Power

Diplomats of the Organization of American States (OAS) met almost until dawn this morning to decide on the actions they will take concerning Honduras’s military coup. Their resolution demands that Honduras reinstate ousted president Manuel Zelaya in three days or face suspension from the organization. The OAS states that it “condemns vehemently the coup d’état staged against the constitutionally established government of Honduras, and the arbitrary detention and expulsion from the country of the constitutional president, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales.” Under their 2001 Democratic Charter, the organization claims it is their responsibility to take emergency diplomatic efforts to restore legitimate elected governments.

The OAS also discussed how to proceed if their diplomatic efforts failed, although no clear plan was established to address those circumstances. Interim president Roberto Micheletti made it clear to the Associated Press this week that if Zelaya returns he will be arrested. “No one can make me resign if I do not violate the laws of the country,” he said. “If there is any invasion against our country, 7.5 million Hondurans will be ready to defend our territory and our laws and our homeland and our government.”