Obama Vows to Take Action Against "Out of Hand" Violence in Mexico

When it comes to the burgeoning crisis in Mexico, Barack Obama will no longer rest on his laurels. The President told reporters on Tuesday night that in response to the drug cartel-fueled violence gripping our neighbor to the South, the United States will take direct action to impede the transfer of weapons and cash from the Rio Grande to the hands of cartel leaders.

The cartels "have gotten completely out of hand," said Obama, adding that this new effort by the U.S. will help to address the precise factors that make the cartels such a grave threat to law-abiding citizens and the security of Mexico.

Earlier on Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced plans to send hundreds of federal agents and resources to the U.S.-Mexico border to further assist with combating the increasing violence. "It's all about border safety and security and making sure that spillover violence does not erupt in our own country," said Napolitano.

Do you think the Obama administration is doing the right thing by getting directly involved in the crisis in Mexico?