Obama Says Latinos Have Been Hardest Hit by Recession

In a recent interview with Pedro Cevcec on Telemundo, President Barack Obama stated plainly that the Latino community has been disproportionately affected by the current economic recession in the U.S. He also told Cevcec that he recognizes that the Latino population is the fastest growing in the U.S., and that many are without jobs or medical insurance and may be facing foreclosure.

His stimulus package proposal for $828 billion was recently approved by the House of Representatives, but had to be reduced to $789 billion to get passed by the Senate. The package is currently being negotiated, with Obama’s Administration and Congress trying to reach a middle ground.

Although the proposed stimulus plan will not do exactly what he wanted, President Obama is hopeful that it will help the keep the economy from a catastrophic downfall. The President told Cevcec that ideally, he’d like to put money behind infrastructure projects in Latino communities to help re-build schools and create jobs for the unemployed.

Obama also stated that it is going to take time for the economy to recover from the housing foreclosure crisis, but that the government is working to make sure that people get the assistance they need to avoid losing their homes.

Check out the video below: