Obama Considers Moving Troops to Mexico Border

President Barack Obama spoke out about the recent violence that has enveloped our neighbor to the south and has begun to spill over from Mexico into the United States. He admitted that he has been weighing the possibility of moving National Guard troops to the border in an effort to contain the violence but ruled out immediate military action.

"We're going to examine whether and if National Guard deployments would make sense and under what circumstances," said President Obama, "I think it's unacceptable if you've got drug gangs crossing our borders and killing U.S. citizens."

One thousand people have already died along the border in 2009 alone, and almost 6 thousand died in 2008. Phoenix, AZ has seen a huge uptick in violence, earning the dubious title of "kidnapping capital of America" while "rape trees" are being found in increasing numbers on the US side of the border.

Although the President grasps the gravity of the situation, he was very cautious about the prospect of military action, "We've got a very big border with Mexico. I'm not interested in militarizing the border." Obama praised Mexican President Felipe Calderon's efforts to crack down on the drug cartels, saying that Calderon has been "taking some extraordinary risks under extraordinary pressure to deal with the drug cartels and the corresponding violence that's erupted along the borders."

President Obama also touched upon the Merida Agreement made between Calderon and former President Bush, indicating that it will be updated and admitting to the fact that contraband is moving both North and South across the border.

"We expect to have a comprehensive approach, making sure we are dealing with the flow of drug money and guns south, because it's really a two-way situation there. The drugs are coming north, we're sending funds and guns south," President Obama said, "As a consequence, these cartels have gained extraordinary power. Our expectation is to have a comprehensive policy in place in the next few months."