NY Teen Rearrested for Hate Crime

20-year-old Grigory Korostyshevskiy of Staten Island, New York was recently rearrested on hate crime charges, on accusations that he beat a Mexican immigrant with a belt, just a few short weeks after it seemed as though charges would be dismissed.

William J. Smith, a spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Donovan told reporters, "Prior to the dismissal, we were involved in a thorough investigation, which included interviewing the three victims, as well an numerous witnesses, un-connected to the defendants and victims, who corroborated the victim's account," Smith continued, "That investigation was complicated by the fact that our victims may have been in the country illegally."

Korostyshevskiy was originally charged by police with robbery, assault and resisting arrest on Aug. 26, the same morning the alleged crime was committed. Court papers show that on the day of the crime Korostyshevskiy and his codefendant Robert Roginski, 21, were driving around Midland Beach when they took notice of a group of Latinos leaving a nearby bodega with some six-packs in their hands. At that point they pulled a u-turn and began yelling racial epithets at the group, who kept walking, headed for home.

Then the scene got ugly. Korostyshevskiy and Roginski followed the men and got out of their car, demanding the beer. Roginski then allegedly punched one of the men in the head while Korostyshevskiy wildly swung his belt at the others. When police caught up the perpetrators, Korostyshevskiy declared, "We did nothing wrong. He's an illegal immigrant. I'm an American citizen," before officers even had a chance to ask him any questions about the incident.

Korostyshevskiy and Roginski are now being charged with second-degree robbery as a hate crime, and a myriad of other offenses.