New Yorkers Celebrate Obama’s Victory

We joined and Voto Latino for their Election Night party held at SOB's in downtown NYC. What we found were hundreds of engaged and excited Latinos, some political junkies and others first time voters, but all absolutely energized by this historic presidential race.

Latinos played a crucial role in this year's election, with 15% of the general population in the USA of Latino descent and an unprecedented amount of Latinos turning out to vote, our communities held the key for the candidates in many western battleground states such as Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. Also hugely important this year was the highly contentious state of Florida, which was hard-fought by both candidates but eventually went to Obama. In fact, Latinos supported Obama at a rate of 66% percent, compared to only about 30% for McCain. We WERE the swing vote!

As the election results rolled in, we asked people at the party how they were feeling about being a part of such a monumental moment in our country! Here's what they had to say: