New Photo of Fidel Castro Released

A new photo Fidel Castro was released on Friday, temporarily quieting rumors that the former Cuban leader is gravely ill. The picture came from the office of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez two days after her meeting with Castro in Cuba. Castro, 82, can be seen standing next to Fernandez looking relatively strong.

Prior to this, the last published photo of Castro was taken on Nov 18 during his meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao. Rumors have been circulating around the state of Castro’s health since he underwent stomach surgery in July 2006, and eventually handed over the presidency to his brother Raul in Feb 2008.

Both Castro brothers may be warming up to the idea of easing tensions with the U.S. According to the AP, Raul thinks President Obama “seems like a good man.” And Fidel believes the American President is “honest.” Obama has expressed an interest in sitting down and negotiating, but each side would have to make compromises that seem unlikely. Read the full article here.