New Line of Revolutionary Action Figures Created by Venezuelan Family

Father and daughter team Angel and Joyce Parra have teamed up to create a different kind of action figure. Angel, a 58-year-old painter and socialist told the NY Daily News that he was inspired by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to create a line of toys about the revolutionary heroes of the country.

Already in the works are action figures of Venezuelan icons Simón Bolívar, Francisco de Miranda, and Antonio Jose de Sucre, a general who helped Bolívar free Venezuela from Spanish rule. Angel and Joyce say that they are hoping to launch the toy line in order to provide an alternative to "imperialist" American superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

"The idea isn't to get rich," Joyce, 26, said. "What we want to do is make them available for the children whose parents cannot afford to purchase such toys."

They have already traveled to China, managing to strike a deal with a manufacturer for the prototype of the Miranda action figure, but they still need financing for the full line. In the hopes of raising funds, Joyce showed the Miranda toy to Chavez, who supported her and her father's idea saying, "It's the battle against Superman, against Batman, against Robin, against all that poisons our minds and makes us admire the empire from the time we are children."

The Parra's are still waiting to hear Chavez's decision on funding their project.