Natalie Morales on the Trapped Chilean Miners: "They should be free by October 15th"

Natalie Morales recently returned from Chile, where she spent time with the friends and families of the trapped miners. She talked to about the experience of the women who have been waiting for their men to be rescued and shared some insight into the makeshift community that they have built.

When asked what was the most notable characteristic of the women, Morales described “Their resilience, their spirit, their courage."

"They’ve been camped out there as long as the men have been in the mines," Morales said of the mothers, sisters, and daughter of the trapped miners. "By now it’s like 60 days. It’s really remarkable to see the community spirit and how it’s really become one big family.”

The NBC anchor also described the touching moment when she witnessed the miners communicating with their families via a video feed. “The most touching thing that I’ve seen has been that incredible video of the miners and the courage. This is just a historic rescue. No miner has survived this length of time, none the less no group of 33. It’s remarkable to see how they have been able to get through this.”

Morales will return to Chile this week to report back on the final push to rescue the miners. "Every indication I got points to October 15th as the time when the miners will be freed," Morales assured us. "They are very much on track and on schedule, making really good progress to get the miners free."

Click through the slideshow to see the makeshift camp the women have created:



1. Chile Miners: Clowns

Clowns are brought to the site to help keep the many young children entertained.

2. Chile Miners: Tent City

Their camp, called Campamento Esperanza (Camp Hope) has been set up since it was first discovered that the men were trapped alive.

3. Chile Miners: Rocks

At Campamento Esperanza, the families have been keeping vigil and camping out for 60 days now. The accident occured on Aug 5th.

4. Chile Miners: Entrance

The entrance to the mine where the men are trapped. There is only one entrance, which is a blatant violation of safety codes and one of the reasons the mine had been shut down before the accident.

5. Chile Miners: Construction

This is the rescue site. 3 drills; plan A, plan B and (large oil rig drill in foreground) plan C are digging tunnels to rescue Los 33, as they are called.

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