More than 50 Inmates Break Out of Prison in Zacatecas, Mexico

A small armed militia broke into a maximum security prison in Zacatecas, Mexico over the weekend and succeeded in freeing over 50 prisoners while making a clean get away. About 20 armed men, disguised as Federal Police, managed to break into the Cieneguillas prison in under 5 minutes. They arrived with 15 vehicles and a helicopter, gained access to the prison by claiming they were there to transport a prisoner and managed to free the inmates without firing a single shot.

At least two dozen of the inmates were all linked to the Gulf Cartel, one of the most powerful drug trafficking and organized crime organizations in the country of Mexico. The governor of Zacatecas, Amalia Garcia Medina, indicated that footage from the security cameras inside and outside the prison proves that guards helped the armed gang. Authorities have detained the warden of the prison as well as two commanders and 40 security guards. 

Until the prison break, Zacatecas had been relatively immune to the drug-related violence that has rocked many of the northern states of Mexico.