Mexico Needs a Limpieza

After many hours of discussion and debate surrounding Mexico's
multiple crisis' as of late, we here at Latina came to a drastic, but
necessary conclusion. Mexico is, quite frankly, suffering from some of
the worst juju we have witnessed in recent history—thus, leaving us no
other option than to declare that our neighbors to the South are in
serious need of some spiritual intervention.

Mexico, my friends, needs a limpieza. All that negative energy
generated by the seemingly endless drug wars has obviously led to the
unfortunate circumstances this poor country has currently found itself
hammered with. From swine flu to earthquakes, Mexico just can't seem to
catch a break.

Señor presidente Felipe Calderon needs to go visit some friends in the Caribbean, get a recommendation on a Santera who can take on
the monumental task of cleaning out an entire country, stock up on
incense, aguas benditas, a rooster or 2, a few quality cohibas and some velas, and get to work!

¡Buena Suerte!