Mexican Police Identify Suspects in Salvador Cabañas Shooting

Mexican police have named two suspects in the shooting of Paraguayan soccer player Salvador Cabañas: José J. Balderas Garza (also known as “El Modelo”) and his bodyguard. Cameras in Mexico City’s Bar Bar club captured them leaving the bathroom where Cabañas was found and later exiting the night club and leaving in an unmarked car. Authorities ruled out a robbery and still haven’t figured out a motive, and though Balderas Garza is from Sinaloa—a state littered with drug trafficking—police have yet to find a link with the incident, The Guardian reports.

One possible prompt could have been a Cuban dancer who was seen talking to the bodyguard while Balderas Garza was in the bathroom and Cabañas was heading there as well. After she leaves, the bodyguard follows them into the bathroom. The woman told police she was sitting with the suspects close to Cabañas when she started talking to the footballer’s brother-in-law. A nightclub worker who was in the bathroom at the time of the attack said he heard loud voices and then a shot.

Cabañas is currently in critical but stable condition after a six-hour operation stopped internal bleeding. Doctors have decided to leave the bullet in his brain to avoid doing further damage.