Mexican Lesbian Couple Claims Refugee Status in Canada

Lesbian lovers Norma Angelica Gomez, 33, and Alina Gallegos Lee, 34, have claimed refugee status in an attempt to avoid being deported back to Mexico from their current residence in Toronto, Canada. The couple claim that they are constantly harassed by Mexican police for being in a same-sex relationship.

Gomez and Lee fled to Canada last year and have been living in Toronto ever since. But visa regulations changed for Mexican and Czech visitors last Monday due to the dramatic increase in refugees entering Canada from those countries. Now, Gomez and Lee are seeking asylum. "Canada is a good country and we feel free," Lee said. "At home we were constantly persecuted for being lesbians."

Lee and Gomez have expressed their desire to stay in Toronto, get married and be happy. Their lawyer, George Kubes, will send the couple to the Canadian Center for Victims of Torture for an assessment because they were allegedly harassed, followed and beaten by Mexican police. Unfortunately, their story is not unique. According to Amnesty International reports, gays and lesbians are routinely and violently harassed by police and soldiers in Mexico.

The couple will have to wait until a decision is made by Canadian authorities, but their prospects are not hopeful. Last year, there were more than 9,400 refugee claims filed by Mexicans in Canada, and only 11 percent were accepted.