Mexican Citizens Quarantined in China Return Home

After being quarantined against their will by the Chinese government, dozens of Mexican citizens (none of whom displayed signs of being infected with the swine flu virus) returned home today. First lady Margarita Zavala waited to greet the passengers as they arrived at the international airport in Mexico

Relations grew tense between the governments of Mexico and China as Mexican officials criticized the quarantine as discriminatory and unnecessary. Chinese officials responded by saying it was a necessary move to quarantine approximately 71 Mexicans, who were held at hospitals and hotels around the country, to keep the swine flu from contaminating the country with the world's largest population.

Meanwhile, across Mexico, people were looking forward to the lifting of the flu bans and Mexico City, one of the world's largest metropolises, was almost back to its normal level of hustle and bustle. "We have a lot of confidence nothing is going to happen," Irineo
Moreno Gonzales, 54, a security guard in the capital city told the AP.
"Mexicans have the same spirit we've always had. We're ready to move forward."