Man Breaks Own Leg, Uses a Cocaine Cast to Smuggle

As crazy as this headline must seem, it’s true: Spanish police on Friday arrested a 66-year old Chilean man at the Barcelona airport after they discovered that his cast was made entirely of pure cocaine, Yahoo News UK reports.

The man had landed on a flight from Santiago, Chile, and was carrying almost 5 kilos of coke, stashed in fake beer cans, hollowed out stools, in addition to the “cast.”

“Investigators are examining the possibility that these injuries were brought about voluntarily... to facilitate trafficking through security checks,” a statement released by Spanish police said. His 2-pound coke cast was revealed when it was sprayed with a chemical that turns blue in the presence of cocaine. Police said it was the first time they had seen a cast made entirely of compressed cocaine. The man was taken to a local clinic to be treated for his tibia and fibula fractures.

Spain has become one of Europe’s main points of entry for the drug, mostly imported from the world’s largest producer, Colombia. The European country is also the biggest consumer of coke in Europe, says a 2008 United Nations report.