Levi Johnston Says Palin Resigned for the Money

Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin’s half-Mexican former future son-in-law, continues to milk his connection to the family by speaking out about Palin’s resignation. Johnston, 19, sat down with the Today show’s Ann Curry this morning to say that Palin resigned as governor of Alaska because she wanted to cash in on her fame and relieve stress. Johnston explained that Palin received "tons of offers" after the November election and "talked about how nice it would be to take some of this money and run with it." He added that a book deal could earn Palin anywhere from “$7 million to $9 million.” Johnston also noticed that the governor was  "not as outgoing" after losing the November election. “I didn't see the spark in her eyes about being governor." He also says he stands by his statement, "The fame got to her head."

Johnston—the father of Palin’s 6-month old grandson, Tripp—has made no secret of his desire to taste a little fame as well. He hopes to become a successful actor and model in order to provide for his son. He’s made numerous TV appearances, posed for GQ, and has hired a showbiz manager. Something tells us we can expect lots of press conferences and exclusive interviews from Levi Johnston until his career takes off—at which point he will conveniently try to distance himself from the Palin name.  What do you think? Does Levi Johnston have ulterior motives for speaking out about Sarah Palin?

Take a look at his Today show interview below:


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