Latino Man Charged with Largest Case of Identity Theft In U.S. History

Miami resident Alberto Gonzales, 28, has been charged with the largest case of identity theft in the history of the United States. Gonzales, a one-time government informant, is being accused by federal officials of attempting to hack into 130 million credit and debit card accounts, on top of 40 million he had already stolen.

"The scope is massive," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Erez Liebermann.

Gonzalez is already in federal custody in Brooklyn, awaiting trial next month for hacking the computer network belonging to national restaurant chain Dave & Buster's.

Gonzalez and his two coconspirators living "in or near Russia" were indicted on Monday by a federal grand jury and charged with stealing data from a variety of corporations. Prosecutors say that they were planning to send that data to computer servers in California, Illinois, Latvia, the Netherlands and Ukraine and eventually sell it.

"This guy worked very, very hard at something he was very good at. He found the right people to successfully accomplish his objective," said Liebermann.