Latino Community Loses a Champion with Sen. Ted Kennedy's Passing

Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) was a tireless advocate for those communities that have historically been marginalized in the United States. During his 46 years as a senator, he fought unceasingly to protect the rights of Latinos and women, among other causes.

A leading voice for immigration reform, Kennedy cosponsored the DREAM Act, a bill that would allow children raised in the US but not yet legal citizens to apply for financial aid and attend state-run universities.

Kennedy was also a staunch protector of civil rights, leading the fight for passage of hate crimes legislation and Title IX equal access for women. He also stood up for women in the workplace, ensuring that maternity leave was protected and playing a key role in the passage of Head Start early childcare initiatives.

Although he will no longer be able to shape the national debate, his legacy will hopefully live on in the eventual passage of the DREAM Act, as well as comprehensive health and immigration reform.

R.I.P. Senator Edward Kennedy
February 22, 1932—August 25, 2009