La Lopez Visits Presidential Nominee Barack Obama

Word gets out fast—especially if you’re J.Lo! Jennifer graced Senator Obama with her presence at his office in D.C. yesterday. The Latina wore a black cocktail dress and carried a big orange handbag as she strutted her stuff right into the Hart Senate building without a word as to why she was there, shocking most of the staff. Lopez had an hour and a half long meeting with the newly declared democratic presidential candidate. Security upped the anti from two guards to four while Jennifer chatted up Barack.

What was the meeting about? It’s rumored that Jennifer might be writing a song for Obama! Could the singer/actress be adding presidential song composer to her list of achievements? When questioned by reporters as to the motivation behind her visit she simply stated “I’m not ready to do any press yet.” The buzz spread fast that La Lopez was in the house, luring tourists and staffers alike to catch a glimpse, camera phones in hand. But, just as magically as she appeared, the Latina Hollywood star gave them all the slip and left the building much more discreet exit than her grand entrance. Will our favorite chica be singing “If You Had My Vote,” sometime soon for our possible presidente to be? We’ll just have to wait and see.

If Lopez does decide to back Obama she will be the latest (and most famous) in a long line of Latino stars to do so and will join the ranks of John Leguizamo, J. Alba, and Paulina Rubio as supporters. Check out the new Podemos Con Obama video to see why so many of our stars have decided to back the Senator from Illinois in his bid for the presidency!