Joe Biden: “Cubans Should Determine Their Own Fate”

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden attended the Progressive Government Summit in Chile this weekend, where he spoke at length about Cuba’s fate. He said the United States is not planning to lift its trade embargo on Cuba, and that it’s up to Cuba to build itself up.

“We thought that there was a need for transition in our policy toward Cuba. But we all share one thing in common. We think the Cuban people should determine their own fate, and that they should be able to live in freedom and with some prospect of economic prosperity,” Biden said.

The Vice President continued, “President Obama and I sought these offices because we had a fundamental disagreement with the polices of the last administration. We don’t question the motives of the last administration; we question seriously their policies. It’s a little bit like that old metaphor: it takes a while to turn around a super tanker. We are moving as rapidly as we can to change the direction of our country and our policies. But we’re gonna have to ask—and we don’t expect to get it—but we have to ask for a little bit of patience as we move forward. To be able to do all that we need to do all at one time is not likely.”

See the video of Biden speaking below: