Ingrid Betancourt Responds to Critics: "I wasn't going to accept being treated like an object"

Oprah Winfrey hosted famous Colombian hostage and former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt on her talk show this week and the interview was riveting. Betancourt speaks about how we she was able to survive for so long in the jungle and what happened when she tried to escape not one, not twice, but four times from the FARC's captivity.

At one point, when talking to Oprah about the death of her father three months after she was captured, Betancourt broke down in tears and said, "My father was very sick before I left and I just wanted to be there holding his hand..."

When asked by Winfrey to respond to her fellow hostages, many of whom have fiercely criticized her since their release, Betancourt responded, "They are my family and I love them. But that is a choice I made."

Watch the incredible interview below: