Ingrid Betancourt & her Ex-Husband's Fighting Films

Ingrid Betancourt may be the most famous kidnap victim in recent memory, so it’s probably no surprise that the colombiana’s story is the subject of dueling projects in Hollywood. At stake: Betancourt’s legacy, which has taken a beating lately after she sued the Colombian government for her pain and suffering (despite the fact that they rescued her), and backed out after a deluge of negative PR.

Producer Kathleen Kennedy, longtime producing partner of Steven Spielberg, has acquired the rights Even Silence Has an End: My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle, Betancourt’s account of her six years in the jungle as a FARC hostage.

But wait, there’s more. Betancourt’s ex-husband Juan Carlos Lecompte also has plenty to say about her kidnapping, his relentless fight for her release, and their ugly divorce (he recently fought to have her assets frozen so he could get a cut of her memoir money). Lecompte wrote two books about his long fight for her freedom—before their marriage ended amid accusations of infidelity on both sides (C’mon, people, after six years of anxiety and jungle living couldn’t you cut each other a break?). Venezuelan writer-director Betty Kaplan has the rights to both books, In Search of Ingrid and Ingrid y Yo: A Sweet and Sour Freedom. "I've never seen a man fight so hard for his wife's freedom and existence," Kaplan told The Hollywood Reporter. "It made me angry how she treated her husband from the moment she descended from the helicopter."

Let the celluloid catfight begin!