The Immigration Crisis: Stay Informed, Get Involved

Yesterday President Obama made the first major speech of his presidency regarding the immigration issue currently facing the country.

Before a select crowd at American University in Washington, D.C., the president endorsed the notion that what makes the country great are the individual cultures and customs that create one unified America. To deny the importance of immigrants in this country is to deny the American promise of opportunity.

The President also addressed how recent legislation, like the controversial SB 1070 passed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, is contradictory to America's fundamental values of inclusion. In a non-specific way, Obama spoke of his plans to create a truly "reflective," immigration system that "actually works."

The matter of immigration reform, and protecting the rights of undocumented immigrants, is an urgent one. And in an effort to make sure that you stay informed, aware and involved in the debate, has created a Call to Action page. Visit for the latest news, to hear what your celebrities have to say, and to learn how to make your voice heard.

See more of President Obama's immigration speech below and tell us what you think!